Mother’s Pain: Men’s Pursuit

Marie Anderson (Published author)
2 min readJul 29, 2023
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

In the depths of my heart, a void resides,
A daughter without a mother, my soul abides.
Years have passed, her presence still near,
Her untimely departure, an agony to bear.

As a mother myself, my family’s strife,
Broken fragments, the tapestry of life.
Men, like gods, grasp what mothers bestow,
Yet fail to fathom the love’s profound glow.

They crave more, always more, at what cost?
Their insatiable desires, a love they exhaust.
Does deceit pave the path to fleeting glee?
Such happiness, a mirage, can’t you see?

But listen, dear reader, ponder this quest,
A heartache profound, in words expressed.
They break dreams and love with callous art,
But the broken one was never broken from the start.

Lost to the mother’s comforting grace,
In misguided ways, his steps misplaced.
Repairing lives, when shall they commence?
Acknowledging mothers’ worth, the key to sense.

Oh, reader, aren’t you weary of violence and strife?
Yearning for peace to color your life?
Why not embrace what blessings you possess?
Be grateful, find solace, your soul to impress.

For you can see where others are blind,
Speak words of hope, compassion intertwined.
With every step, a world of grace you’ll tread,
Where courage, honor, and hope are widespread.

Even amidst challenges, joy they’ve found,
Their spirits resilient, unyielding ground.
So let’s learn from their unwavering smile,
And embrace gratitude, our hearts reconcile.

In poetic grace, let us strive to impart,
A compassionate world, where love imparts.
For in emotions deep, we shall unite,
And forge a future of hope’s guiding light.



Marie Anderson (Published author)

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