Shadowed Desires

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Chapter 2: Midnight Deceptions

Sebastian pulled Maya down onto the plush leather sofa, hungry lips finding hers. Maya melted into his strong embrace, their kisses growing more urgent.

Sebastian leaned Maya back against the cushions; her raven hair splayed out in a halo. His warm hands traced her curves as he slowly unzipped her dress, his breath hot against her neck. Maya’s pulse quickened at the feeling of his lips grazing her newly exposed skin. She arched into his touch, craving more.

Maya playfully nibbled his earlobe and then his bottom lip, eliciting a low growl from Sebastian. His slate grey eyes had grown dark with desire. She grinned mischievously as his fingers found her lace-covered breasts.

“I see you’re eager to unwrap your gift,”

Maya purred, expertly flipping them, so she straddled Sebastian on the couch. His evident arousal pressed up against her core, only the thin layers of fabric separating them now.

Sebastian gazed hungrily up at her.

“I plan to take my time…savoring you.”

His deft hands caressed her hips.

Maya rolled her body sensually, grinding down onto him as she tossed her hair back ecstatically. She leaned down to whisper in his ear,

“I’m yours…for now.”

At that, Sebastian claimed her lips once more, hands roaming urgently. Maya smiled against his mouth, knowing she was successfully stoking his appetite to feverish levels.

Maya pulled back slightly, trailing a fingernail down his chiseled chest. “My, someone’s impatient…” she purred teasingly.

Sebastian nipped at her bottom lip in retaliation. “You’re trying to drive me mad, aren’t you?” His voice was rough with need.

“Maybe just a little…” Maya grinned and rolled her hips against him, feeling his arousal. She reveled in having this powerful man come undone.

Sebastian grasped her waist firmly. “Minx. I should devour you right here to teach you a lesson,” he growled.

Maya gave a throaty laugh, tracing his sculpted bicep. “Is that a promise or a threat?” Her eyes danced playfully.

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