Shadowed Desires

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Continue Chapter 2: Midnight Deceptions

After their passionate embrace on the sofa, Sebastian led Maya to the master suite, unable to keep his hands off her, with the city lights twinkling outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Sebastian pulled Maya roughly against him, any gentleness replaced by carnal urgency. His kiss seared her lips like a brand, desire overflowing. With deft fingers, he unzipped Maya’s dress, letting it pool decadently at her feet.

Maya stood before him in only lace lingerie, pulse racing under his molten gaze. Sebastian trailed hot, open-mouthed kisses down the column of her throat, eliciting a breathy sigh. When his teeth grazed her collarbone, Maya shuddered with delight.

Unable to resist any longer, Maya guided Sebastian towards the expansive bed. She pushed him down and straddled his lap, relishing the feel of his taut muscles flexing beneath her. Gazing want only into his eyes, she stripped off her bra, baring herself completely.

Sebastian’s groan was feral and needful. He lavished her breasts with attention until Maya writhed, every nerve alight. She raked her nails down his back, craving more of him. In a smooth motion, Sebastian flipped them over, pinning Maya beneath his powerful frame.

Their remaining clothes disappeared in a frenzy of roaming hands and fervent kisses. Every touch left Maya’s skin scorched with lust. Finally, Sebastian entered her in one long stroke, swallowing her euphoric cries with his mouth on hers.

Together they moved in an increasingly fevered rhythm, their slick bodies intertwined. Maya urged him on breathlessly, drowning in ecstasy. For these electric moments, the decadent world around them disappeared, and only this raw passion existed.

Maya’s climax roared through her again and again as Sebastian drove them both mercilessly higher. She sank her teeth into his shoulder at the apex, muffling her scream of bliss. For now, she was his — mind, body, and soul immersed in exquisite sensation and sinful delight.

They finally collapsed in a tangle of limp, spent limbs, chests heaving. Sebastian soon drifted into a contented sleep, his arm draped possessively over Maya’s waist. She lay awake next to him, her heart still racing as she came down…

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