Shadowed Desires

Marie Anderson (Published author)
3 min readSep 18, 2023
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Continue Chapter 2.3: Midnight Deceptions

Maya reclined languidly amidst the tangled sheets, her body pleasantly spent. She traced abstract patterns on the silken fabric, lost in memories of the night before.

The sound of footsteps made her glance up to see Sebastian striding back into the bedroom, shirtless but otherwise fully dressed. Maya appreciated the view of his chiselled torso as he moved about.

“Leaving me so soon?” she purred, sitting up while holding the sheet demurely to her chest.

Sebastian gave her a roguish smile. “Duty calls, unfortunately.” He sat down on the bed’s edge, fingers grazing her cheek. “But I couldn’t leave without giving you a proper goodbye.”

His hand slipped to the nape of her neck, pulling her in for a deep, sensual kiss. Maya melted into it, the sheet slipping lower. Just as his hands began to roam, Sebastian withdrew with a reluctant sigh.

“Until tonight, my dear.” His eyes smouldered as he took her in one last time before rising to retrieve his shirt. Maya watched hungrily as he dressed, planning how she would ravage him again later.

Once the door closed behind Sebastian, Maya collapsed back into the pillows with a satisfied smile. Everything was falling perfectly into place. Soon, this powerful man and all his secrets would be hers.

Maya listened to his fading footsteps, considering her next move. She had a few hours before he returned. It was time to do some reconnaissance and find the keys she’d need.

Maya retrieved a special phone from her bag. She typed in a lengthy numeric code on the keypad. The phone gave a faint click, and a tiny red light on the top corner began slowly pulsing.

Keeping the device aimed outward, Maya calmly paced through the living areas, then the bedroom, office, and terrace. The phone’s concealed scanner projected a low-frequency signal, detecting any hidden electronics within the walls — cameras, microphones, motion sensors.

In the office, the red light blinked rapidly over the bookcases and lighting sconces. Pinhole lenses picked up by the scanner, no doubt recording everything. In the bedroom, the sweeping scanner found bugs under tables and behind the artwork. Even the…



Marie Anderson (Published author)

My writing offers a unique perspective on the human experience. Join me on a journey of self-discovery through my personal reflections and introspection.