Shadowed Desires

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Continue Chapter 2.2: Midnight Deceptions

Sebastian trails a finger slowly up her arm, his touch leaving a trail of fire across her skin.

“I want you.”

He whispers, his breath hot in her ear. Maya shivers in anticipation.

When his lips find the sensitive spot on her neck, Maya lets out a soft moan, tangling her hands in his dark hair to keep him there. She craves his mouth and hands, exploring every inch of her.

As Sebastian continues kissing a slow path down her body, Maya’s back arches off the window in delight. Through heavy-lidded eyes, she watches him savour her, his stubble deliciously abrasive on her inner thighs.

Sebastian’s muscles tighten, and he lifts Maya up effortlessly, carrying her to the leather sofa. He settles over her, Maya’s chest heaving with anticipation. She guides him up to meet her lips again, consumed with need.

Wrapping her legs around his waist, she welcomes him into her slick heat. Maya cries out in ecstasy at the exquisite sensation of him filling her. She rakes her nails down his back as he begins to move. The leather creaks softly beneath their entwined bodies.

Maya gives herself over completely to Sebastian, savouring each deep stroke that brings her higher. She whispers feverishly for more, beyond words now, as he drives her to euphoria again and again on the supple leather.

Wave after wave of euphoria crashes over Maya as Sebastian drives into her. She loses herself in the feeling of his muscles tensing under her hands, their slick bodies joined.

When release finds her, Maya’s vision goes white, a primal scream of bliss tearing from her throat. They collapse together, spent and entwined.

Maya awoke slowly, blinking against the sunlight streaming into the unfamiliar bedroom. For a moment, she was disoriented about how she had gotten here. Stretching beneath the luxurious satin sheets, she tried to recall the scene by the window.

The last clear memory Maya had was being thoroughly ravished by Sebastian on the living room sofa. At some point, they must have relocated to the bedroom, though the exact details escaped her pleasure-addled mind.

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