Shadowed Desires

Marie Anderson (Published author)
4 min readJul 31, 2023
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Continue Chapter 2.1: Midnight Deceptions

Maya awoke slowly, gradually becoming aware of luxurious silk sheets tangled around her nude body. For a moment, she was deliciously disoriented, her mind foggy with satiation. As dawn’s early golden light began filtering into the expansive bedroom, memories of the night before returned to her in flashes.

She stretched, feeling the pleasant ache in her muscles, reminders of their passionate exertions. Her nerves still hummed, and she could detect Sebastian’s cedar and musk scent clinging to her skin. Maya breathed him in, letting the memories wash over her.

His hands traced her curves, his breath hot in her ear as he possessed her. The way he knew just how to touch her, draw out her ecstasy until she was drunk with sensation. Moments where the line between pretense and genuine pleasure had blurred exquisitely.

Maya rolled over, reaching across luxe satin sheets to find his side of the bed empty and already cooled. She wasn’t surprised — a man like Sebastian didn’t linger long. Maya wondered if she had awoken some softer feelings in him during their intimacy or if it had only stoked his carnal appetite further. Either way, it was a promising start. She rose, still enveloped in the scent and memories of their passionate night, ready to continue her scheme.

The bedroom was modern and minimalist, with sleek, lacquered surfaces and a muted gray and white palette. Floor-to-ceiling windows comprised one whole wall, framed by electronic blackout curtains currently open to the hazy morning light. The plush white rug underfoot gave way to cool marble tile in the adjoining master bathroom.

Maya caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror over the double vanity. She took in the love bites trailing down her neck, remnants of last night’s passion. A small smile played on her lips as she touched up her flawless makeup and smoothed down artfully tousled hair.

She turned on the faucet and splashed cool water on her face to fully wake herself up. After using the facilities, Maya opened the glass door shower and twisted the dial to start the rainfall showerhead. The bathroom soon filled with steam.

Maya stripped off her dress and stepped under the hot spray, letting it relax her muscles…



Marie Anderson (Published author)

My writing offers a unique perspective on the human experience. Join me on a journey of self-discovery through my personal reflections and introspection.