Shadowed Desires

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Continue Chapter 1: An Irresistible Proposition.

She moved to the windows, the city lights washing over her flawless features as she plotted her next move. Ensnaring Sebastian would require patience, but Maya knew how to reel him in one secret at a time…

Maya sensed Sebastian’s presence behind her even before his hand grazed her back. She turned to face him, the shadows accentuating his chiselled features. He held out her drink, his fingers lingering on hers.

“What shall we drink to?” His voice was a low murmur meant only for her.

Maya lifted the glass between them. “To new…opportunities.”

Their eyes locked as they drank, the bourbon warming Maya’s throat. She needed to walk the razor’s edge tonight — tempt and captivate Sebastian enough to lower his guard but hold back to keep him wanting more.

“I don’t bring many people up here.” He moved closer, crowding her space. Testing her.

Maya held her ground, tilting her chin up defiantly. “Maybe you just haven’t met someone on your level…until now.”

The corner of Sebastian’s mouth lifted. “Is that so?”

He traced a finger slowly down her arm, sending a tremor through Maya’s body. She reached out and loosened his tie with deliberate care.

“I’ve never been afraid of taking risks to get what I desire,” she purred.

Their eyes locked in a battle of wills cloaked by mutual attraction. Maya knew which buttons to push to get what she wanted — the key was making Sebastian believe her seduction was his idea. A dangerous game, but she had honed it to an art form.

Maya downed the last of her bourbon in one long sip, savouring the slow burn in her throat. She needed liquid courage tonight to see her plans through. Standing, she crossed to the bar cart to refresh her drink, adding extra ice to dilute any telltale signs of intoxication.

As she swirled the amber liquid in her glass, her agile mind spun through intricate schemes. Sebastian was used to being the one in control, the master of his domain. But Maya would unravel this powerful man bit by bit until all his closely guarded secrets lay bare before her.

Marie Anderson (Published author)

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